Keeping up with #TwitteRx conversation on Twitter

When scrolling on Twitter, it’s hard to avoid the hot topics that are striking conversations amongst pharmacists in the #TwitteRx community. Check out the highlights from the trending tweets that pharmacists can’t seem to stop talking about this week!

CDC’s pneumococcal vaccine timing for adults

CDC’s 2022 infographic for pneumococcal vaccine timing for adults has been an instant bookmark for pharmacists. This infographic includes recommendations for adults who have never received a pneumococcal conjugate vaccine, pneumococcal vaccine timing for adults who previously received PCV13, and the number and timing of PPSV23 doses for patients who previously received PCV13. Well-known pharmacists, including @mmPharmD and many others, have tweeted that since its release, this new guide has been helpful and has answered questions about pneumococcal vaccines.

WHO’s publication of updated HIV guidelines

Clinical pharmacist @ABsteward is well known for sharing recent medical updates on #TwitteRx, including a recent tweet about WHO’s updated guidelines for preventing and managing cryptococcal disease among various demographic populations living with HIV. Some have expressed that this is a “big change” in cryptococcal meningitis treatment, which is significant for pharmacists and other healthcare professionals.

Women’s reproductive rights – What role do pharmacists play?

With the recent ruling on Roe v. Wade, many healthcare professionals have a lot to say about this topic, including pharmacists on Twitter. Although this was a US legal decision, it has triggered a discussion on how pharmacists worldwide can advocate for the protection of women’s reproductive rights and their right to access healthcare. The Canadian Pharmacist Association recently shared a statement, affirming that pharmacists play a key role in ensuring equitable healthcare access for vulnerable populations, including pregnant women. This statement has been supported by a number of active Canadian pharmacists on #TwitterRx, including @BrettBarrettRPh, @grahamcmackenzi, @CdnPharmChief and many more. 

Vaccinations for new COVID-19 subvariants

Health officials have confirmed that the summer season has been accompanied by two new COVID-19 subvariants: BA.4 and BA.5. These subvariants are reportedly more contagious than past versions of Omicron, and people have questions about the efficacy of current vaccines and their doses. We can trust #TwitteRx to have the latest information on topics like this! Pharmacists have been discussing Moderna’s recent announcement, which states that they are working towards a booster vaccine that specifically targets subvariants BA.4 and BA.5, and many other vaccine manufacturers have followed suit.


Long airport lines and crowded music festivals have shown us that many people’s lives have gone back to how they were before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, healthcare professionals warn the public that although things appear to be back to normal, many should continue to take precautions. Amid concerns of a summer wave, many are discussing the possibility of long COVID, including pharmacists of #TwitteRx. Advocates like @LongCovidPharmD are constantly raising awareness by sharing relevant studies and treatments that have been successful for patients.

This list only touches the surface of the many topics that have been seen on #TwitteRx recently. The pharmacy community on Twitter is known for providing informative clinical content, which keeps us coming back daily to get the most up-to-date information from #TwitteRx.